Shores of Our Heart

As many dazzling natural vistas, museums, ancient monuments, castles, and cathedrals that can be found in Ireland, and there are so many, the real treasure of Ireland is her people. We have said this in other posts but after a month-long journey that has taken us north to south and east to west it has become even more apparent. 

The easy smiles, the quick laughter, the witty, wry sense of humor (never mean-spirited), the ability to stay in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest, the pride in culture and heritage, and open- heartedness has infused us with a much-needed belief in the goodness the future holds and can bring. We cling to this belief as we head home into the uncertainty of what direction America is taking.

For centuries the Irish were brutally treated. They were forbidden their own language, religion, education, and land ownership. Yet they survived and eventually thrived. For each of us with even a wee drop of Irish blood – we are the inheritors of a proud, brave and enduring legacy. 

Centuries of struggle have made the Irish politically aware and on-guard to preserve their hard-fought independence and their Republic. They are voting for a new president on Friday. We vote November 6. 

It is our duty to vote to defend our liberty and to ensure social justice. Vote. Do your part.

Our hearts are left on the shores as we cross the Atlantic. Millions of Irish over the last centuries and particularly during The Great Hunger have done the same. They said their good byes to their beloved country carrying Ireland with them. We are more fortunate. We say only good bye for now – we will see you again in the future. We also will carry Ireland home with us. 


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